Good questions are like diamonds , we got to preserve them or else  we loose them .Many a times while surfing I come across fantastic questions which makes me say WOW!!!! But over a period of time you fail to recollect the same question.So as the age old adage goes “A short pencil is better than long memory” so I believe it is better to write it down.  This section would consist of some amazing questions I have had a chance to go through.The objective is basically to make this blog a storehouse of amazing questions.Even you can contribute good questions to this section.So happy quizzing and keep an eye for good questions!!!!

Q.So our first question.What are these ?FD.

Q.X’s 40-member bodyguard contingent, known as the ‘Amazonian Guard’ is entirely female. All women who qualify for duty supposedly must be virgins and are hand-picked by X himself. They are trained in the use of firearms and martial arts at a special academy before entering service. Who is X?

Q.In ancient Greece, athletes ate large quantities of X because it was believed that it would lighten the balance of blood. Roman gladiators were rubbed down with X to firm up their muscles. In the Middle Ages, X was so important that people would pay their rent with it, and even give them as gifts. Identify X?


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