Hi All,

Its a wonderful feeling to develop and nurture a passion because slowly and steadily it is this passion of yours that becomes your identity and if you are lucky…your purpose for living.
For us this passion has always taken the form of quizzing. The trivia behind the obvious facts fascinate us beyond limits. We often spend hours together trying to find out a connection between seemingly obscure pictures.
Quizzing, we believe is one such domain which does not know any limitations. Quizzing includes anything and everything under the sun and at times even beyond that. Its a process wherein an answer to a question leads one to ten other questions.
Hence, with an aim of taking our passion to the next level along with an urge to learn something new we start our blog dedicated totally to quizzing.
The format remains simple with questions being posted preferably one for each day followed by their answers on the next day along with a new question.
The response and appreciation to questions are more than welcome along with suggestions which we will try and include in our process of continuous evolution.

Happy quizzing….

Akshay Deshmukh

Kunal Deshmukh


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