Thank you Sir!

25 Mar

There are times in our lives when we are just thoroughly bored. We are at our wits end and even in things which we are supposedly good, we start failing. These are the times when we need someone to hold our hands, look in our eyes and tell us that all is well. It is from these moments that we derive strength to pursue our ambitions further.

One such thing had happened when I had started working in my previous company and had moved to a new city. First few months were really good and fun as we had company accommodation, however once I moved in a PG, life started becoming difficult. Me and my friends obviously were having lot of problems in finding a place. Obviously we didn’t have innovative websites like back then which could have eased up our process of finding a suitable place.

Even the job had started becoming hectic for us and we were being left with no time whatsoever. I remember there were times when I was totally in despair. One such day when I was leaving fro  office, with an obvious grumpy mood, one of my colleague asked me if I wanted a lift. He was a middle aged man whom I had hardly ever conversed in office. I just knew him by face value. However his calm demeanor had some sort of magnetism. I accepted his offer. Once in his car, we started speaking ab out work and life in general. I told him my predicament both at office and in finding a house.I told him that I feel like quitting and going back. On  hearing this, he understood that I was really disturbed. He then took me to his house for having dinner. We had a long chat about work and handling different situations. He not only guided me, but also connected me with house brokers. Gluttoned with the delicious dinner and with a new found enthusiasm, I bid him adieu and went back to my place. As luck would have it I found a place in the very next week and soon acclimatised to my office as well.

From thoughts of leaving the office and going back to Nagpur to winning the best employee award, I think that one conversation was the turning point!

Now coming to our question for the day, there are many instances in which people get inspired by just a sentence or a line which the other man occurs. In one such incident a famous tech god said to a marketing guy” do you want to keep selling sugar water throughout your life?”

This one line inspired him to leave his previous line and take up a job in the new company. Tell me who said this to whom?

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