One for the optimists!!

24 Mar

It is the season of optimism around me! Spring has arrived and it promises a wonderful summer. Down under our cricket team is doing marvelous too and with the semi-final match awaited, we are high on confidence and optimistic to win it.

Before today’s question which would come from the world of hopes and optimism, I want to share a personal story which is a source of inspiration to me. Cracking IIT in India is always a big dream for any middle class Indian household. A 11th class guy give up everything to get into those coveted colleges. like all others , I also aspired to be one of those lucky few to get in there. Hence I started preparing for JEE. Being a good student till class 10th, my parents had loads of expectations from me, but then JEE being JEE, I was finding it very tough to adjust to the rigours of learning and there came a point when I gave up studying. It was October of my Class 12th and I had bunked the class for umpteenth number of time for a reason I didnt know. My parents and specially my mom was realizing what was happening but she had not said anything to me.

It was that day that she decided to broach the topic with me. She asked me why I looked so disturbed and why I have stopped going to classes.Somewhere she already knew everything, but just that she didnt want to talk about it for so long. I told her that I absolutely dont understand anything in the class and my ego is terribly hurt and morale totally down. I told her that I feel I am good for nothing.

It was then that my Mom told me that JEE is not the end of the world. There are lot many good things in  life. She asked me to discontinue it if I want but she also asked me to give one last shot at it. A whole hearted last shot. I agreed and I studied hard for the next 6 months and with little bit of luck and Moms blessings managed to get into VNIT, Nagpur.

Even today when I think of that day, I am filled with optimism and that conversation helps me derive strength in toughest of times.

So coming to the question for today, An author was rejected multiple times by many publishers as they thought that her content was too violent for kids. Nobody believed in her abilities and was ready to back her. It was then that a friend of her loaned her 2000 Pounds and asked her to just sit and complete the story without worrying about anything else. It was the confidence of this friend that helped her derive strength. Name this award winning author.

And as we talk of optimism and hope, buying or renting a house for many is a dream in this country and in this process there are companies like who help people achieve their dreams.


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