For those small joys of happiness!

24 Mar

Before today’s question I want to write about a question which many people ask us-the quizzers!!  From elders to peers to the younger ones, all of those who don’t quiz have asked me a question on seeing my enthusiasm for quizzing and I am sure most of the quizzers can also relate with me. It is Kya mazaa ata hai is mai??( What exactly do you enjoy out of answering those silly question)

To all those I want to say, quizzing is not about mugging up 3 books and reproducing those answers in a quiz. It is not about knowing more than others or for that matter knowing random, non sense stuff and taking pride in it. Quizzing is a process and a journey. It is a journey of knowledge  and taking joy in getting aware with that piece of knowledge. It is about appreciating a fact and being cognizant about it.

Yes I agree these are small joys.For others trivial small joys, but then for people like me it means everything. It is never about winning or losing. It never was.In fact of the 10 quiz I participate i end up on stage of one, leave aside winning all of them. Yet I always ensure I dont miss any of the quiz in my vicinity. I do all this because these are small moments of joys for me and I want to celebrate and enjoy them.

So talking of small joys and celebrating them, I cant think of anything else but Coca Cola.( The quizzer in me wakes up :)) Coca cola has always stood for celebrating small joys themselves and have promoted it. Time and again they have come up with one after another campaign to spread happiness. Be it the Middle east campaign connecting Indians working there with their family back home or the the campaign to connect Indians and Pakistan and spread happiness, each have been heart warming. Some of their campaigns like the one below asks us to indulge in coke and experience the taste of it. Have a look

The campaign beautifully shows The gorgeous Alia Bhatt and Crowd favourite Siddharth Malhotra enjoying Coca cola. It is indeed a small joy of life to sit with your loved ones and relish something that you like. Thank you Coca Cola.

For more updates and info you can refer their pages. Link is below. You will find many beautiful advertisements over there, have a good time!!

So coming to more smaller joys of life. Posting todays question on the happiness theme, like Coca Cola there are many other brands which use happiness as their core positioning and advertise around it? Could you name 3 of them. For extra points, also tell me their taglines.

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