Breakfasts of the champions!!

24 Mar

Today’s question comes with a unique story associated. It is a story close to all of our hearts as it has food associated with it. Yeah you have got it right! We all love food rite…of all tastes…of all sizes..but we dont really think how much nutritional value they are giving.

Experts say the most important part of any diet is the breakfast one has! They advise us to have wholesome, heavy breakfast.

As a young kid I never worried about what breakfast I am getting. My mom was super attentive when it came to me having the right intake. However once I left the cozy confines of my house and went to Bangalore for my first job, life changed drastically. Leave aside taking variety of breakfast, there were days when I used to even skip them. Sometimes for lack of time, and sometimes out of the monotony of having the same Dosa-Idli.

However one day I got a wake up call when I almost fell down as I felt famished. That day A friend of mine advised me to explore the amazing world of corn flakes and specifically of Kelloggs. And that I did indeed and I have never skipped a breakfast from then. Sometimes with milk, sometimes with water, I have had it in all flavours. Just like the ad shown, even my friends come to me when they are hungry and want to have a quick nutritional dose.

I would also like to share an interesting story which just happened yesterday. One of my friend was going to run a marathon( 7 Km one). He is not really a cornflakes fan, however early morning he did not have anything else to eat, so came to me for a quick bite. I offered him Kelloggs chocos with milk and to our utter surprise he not just loved the taste but also he felt so energitic that he was able to complete the marathon in a record 37 minutes( a person al best for him).This is why I call corn  Flakes Breakfasts of the champions.

Thus over the years Kelloggs with its multiple flavours has become an integral part of my life, and you would always find myself full of the stock. Thank you Kelloggs. This post is specifically to thank you and what you mean for me in my life. If you also like me have a special place for Kelloggs in your heart, visit these links and share the joy.

Now coming to todays question. Kelloggs is a part of diet of many champions . But there is one swimming champion, known for his multiple medals and world records who also is a huge Kelloggs fan. Name him. Also for brownie points, name the founder of kelloggs.

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