Story Time- One for our togetherness!!

20 Mar

Starting from today, we will be posting some questions in the form of stories. After all, all good questions have a good story behind them. As a quizzer we have always cherished those questions which come with such interesting stories.

This would be our attempt to frame such interesting story questions. Hope you enjoy them!!

This blog post comes at a very apt time. Me and my elder brother have toiled really hard for the prestigious TATA Crucible which is 2 days away now. Whether we win or lose there is something which does not matter now, because for us the journey of preparation itself is a victory in itself, and the fact that we are #together in this event means a lot. Maybe the last time for us together as both would take different paths post our MBA. He would head to a banking world with opportunity from the company with the hexagon logo calling him, whereas I would head to Chennai for a new start to my career in IT world. Life for me in Chennai would definitely be challenging, but with so many fantastic innovations coming up like, I am pretty relaxed.

Quizzing for us was our first love. I remember being exposed to the world of questions by my brother. He made me more keen about what was happening in the outside world. In our school days we won a lot of quiz together. Golden days so to say.

However coming to VNIT changed things. I still remember the first quiz i attended there. I could get a mere 4 questions out of 25 and the cut-off for the quiz was a whopping 16!! Came like a bolt from the blue to me. My brother being in different college, we could no longer partner. For the next 3 years, I failed to reach even the podium once, let aside winning a quiz. However things were to change in the final year. Me and my b other had again came #together and were going to take on other quizzers in the annual quiz fest. It remains one of the most memorable day of my life. With close to 200 teams participating competition was tough. However together we were and as luck would have it, we went on to win the sports quiz and did decently in other quizzes as well. It indeed gave us confidence to look up.

Few years later in the strangest of coincidence, both of us managed to get seats in the prestigious JBIMS, Mumbai.( 2 out of the 9 seats). Last 2 years have been amazing with few podiums. Indeed #together we rock.Now that we sit waiting for the last quiz of our student career we do get nostalgic.

So coming to the question for today. Like us there are many sets of brothers who have done amazingly #together. One such set of brothers from  Punjab went on to set up a huge company by starting in 1943. Which company or the brothers am I talking about who have recently signed Tiger Woods as their brand ambassador?


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