Some questions

30 Aug

Q.Colloquially what would one be eating if he was having an “Irish dinner”?

Hint:someone had a very extended run of this meal recently

Q.In earlier days they were called PETIMASTERS in the Bollywood. What are they called now?

Q.Which city or state in INDIA literally means ”city of gems”?

Q.In underworld slang who or what is Hema Malini?

Q.Phoolan Devi was called The Bandit Queen,who was called the Bandage Queen by the media once because of her habit of getting forever assaulted in her agitations?

Q.About which product did its maker once say “You can have it any color,so long as it is black”?

Q.Which Indian Political heavyweight has a foster granddaughter named Neharika Bhattacharjee?

Q.Which Indian mythological character’s literal meaning is scream?

Q.We all have heard about the statue of liberty,but which memorial in India also called “Flame of Liberty”?

Q.Name the only country to have compulsory military service for women?

Q.Tell the only English word which even starts with und and ends with und.

Q.What was founded at Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit College in Mumbai in 1885?

Q.Which weapon takes its name from the French word for Pomoganate?

Q.In the digital world ,What do we commonly call(know) “Vital Information Resources Under Seize”?

Q.The PR firm Vaishnavi corporations was owned by which lady(in news for wrong reasons)?

Q.Burnt wine is better known as what?

Q.Born as Dilip Kumar and married Saira Banu.How do we better know this person in showbiz world?

Q.Connect Morarji Desai and Superman.

Q.Connect Peter Pan and Michael Jackson.

Q.Connect to a person.

Q.Obscene pictures the world over are called as French postcards.What are they called in France?

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One response to “Some questions

  1. Ela

    September 26, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    1. Corned beef, potatos, cabbage, rye bread and………beer, is the traditional way for irish dinner. and it means the same.
    3. Jaipur also called ” Pink City”
    6. “You can have it any color,so long as it is black” is the famous saying of the Henry Ford bout his Car.
    7. Altel Bihari Vajpayee.
    9. Jalian Wallabagh Memorial.
    11. UNDergroUND.
    12. Indian National Congress.
    13. Grenade – A small explosive.
    14. VIRUS
    15. Niira Raddiya.
    16. Brandy
    17. Yusuf Khan.
    18. Feb 29th – Same Birthday, once in a leap year.
    19. Neverland- the mysterious Island of Peter Pan and the Property of Michael Jackson named after it.


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