I am not leaking the answer this time!!!!

29 Apr

X was the man who had perfected the art of being the backroom boy of people who mattered,but suddenly in mid march this year he found himself in the front of cameras,fielding questions and issuing denials.Within hours of Y happening people started distancing them from him.But while the Y controversy was may be the first big scrap to involve X, but X definitely had an eventful career as an official on special duty to many people who mattered and still matter even today.

Cutting the long story short Id.the person in talk as well as the controversy involved.

Hint:mention of the month of controversy has to be a give away

Answer:Nachiketa Kapoor,Wikileaks

For answers scratch your mouse ahead of answer.

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Posted by on April 29, 2011 in DAILY DOSES


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