Quiz Set 1

01 Feb

1. Let us  start with an easy one. About whom did Gulzar recently say

“Baad muddat ke phir mili ho tum,

Ye jo thodi si bhar gayi ho tum,

Ye vajan tumpe accha lagta hai.”

Answer: The Filmfare trophy since its weight was increased from 1.5 kg to around 3.5 kg.

2. She has no name or religion. The black bag slung across her shoulder, the badge on her blue kameez, and the files in her hand are her identity. She is the face of X, representing the thousands of foot-soldiers undertaking one of the world’s biggest demographic exercises. Identify the lady being discussed.

Answer: The logo for Census 2011

3. Since the inception of this magazine its founder had always featured on its cover page. Michelle Obama featured on it in April and 2009 thus becoming the first person to do so. Identify the magazine.

Answer: ‘O Magazine’  of Oprah Winfrey

(P.S.: For answers select the area in front of the answers)

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